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Quality Products That Sell Themselves. Be'Nue Products began 5 years ago supplying its quality line of health and skin care products to church groups and other not-for-profit organizations for their fund-raising activities. By supplying excellent quality products that yield high profits to these various groups, Be'Nue fund-raising customers return year after year.

Here’s how Be'Nue fund-raising program works

Your first order is sent COD (cashiers check or money order). You can also order online and pay with a credit card. To apply for a 30 day credit account simply fill out the online distributors application or call our office and one will be forwarded to you. Allow 3 to 5 business days for your application to be reviewed. Upon completion, one of our account representatives will contact your organization to complete the credit process. All orders are shipped freight prepaid by the fastest ground transportation available to your area.

The first step to an effective fund-raising campaign is having an effective product. It should be a consumer friendly product that people use daily. It should offer a life changing benefit that promotes repeat purchases. It should have elegant packaging and informative marketing material.

Be'Nue Products offers that and more

The current Be'Nue line consist of seven products, three crèmes and four lotions: 100% PURE SHEA BUTTER; SHEA BUTTER BODY BALM; COCOA-SHEA BUTTER CRÈME; and SHEA BUTTER LOTION enriched with Vitamins E & F (three soothing fragrances and one fragrance-free lotion).

For additional information on fund-raising with Be'Nue, please contact us. We’ll be happy to courteously assist you with any questions you may have. You may also receive fund-raising tips from our staff of fund-raising experts.

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