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Can Shea Butter be used on all types of skin?

Yes, Shea Butter in it’s raw or natural state can be used on all types of skin. One should consider the ingredients in all manufactured products using Shea Butter as it’s base. Some individuals may have an allergic re-action to certain chemicals or additives used in the blending process.

Does Shea Butter really protect the skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays?

Yes. In many parts of Africa, Shea Butter is used by indigenous as well as foreigners as a great blocker especially for those who spend long hours on the beach or working in the hot sun.

Can Shea Butter be used for tanning or as a tanning cream?

Yes. Because Shea Butter penetrates quickly into the skin, it allows individuals to absorb more of the sun’s ultra violet rays. Naturally, the more sun that the skin absorbs the deeper the tanning. However, as always, one should exercise certain caution when tanning with direct sun exposure.

Can Shea Butter be used to cook food?

Yes. In many parts of West Africa, Shea Butter is used on a regular basis as a cooking oil. However we are not aware of any scientific research that has approved Shea Butter as a food source. Personally, I have eaten several foods prepared or cooked in pure Shea oil with no ill effects.

Does Shea Butter really relieve arthritis pain and swelling?

Again, because Shea Butter is rich in vitamins E & F and it’s natural ability to penetrate deep into the skin and replace moisture and much needed oil to the inflamed area it is frequently used by individuals who do suffer from the pain of arthritis with much success.

Does Shea Butter remove stretch marks?

We are not aware of Shea Butter actually removing existing stretch marks however, when used on a regular basis many pregnant women have experienced minimum stretch marks after delivery. We have witnessed many pregnant women in Africa apply Shea Butter to their entire body on a regular basis during pregnancy.

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